Our Happy Customers

Ms. Subeksha Khadka
Ms. Subeksha Khadka Miss Nepal International 2012
I had one of the best services overall, all the staff are well trained and co-operative. I took my massage session with Deepa and She was really good. Thank you Tranquility Spa for your exceptional service.
Ms. Ronali Amatya
Ms. Ronali Amatya Miss Nepal International 2018
This was so needed after any recent trek. It wouldn’t be this relaxing without your amazing service. Lots of love. Thank you so much.
Ms. Priya Sigdel
Ms. Priya Sigdel Miss Nepal Earth 2018
You healed us from the heart. It was a great experience, I loved everything about Tranquility Spa. Thank you so much and lots of love.
Ms. Shilpa Maskey
Ms. Shilpa Maskey Actress, Model & Dancer
Thank you so much for the excellent service, loved the hospitality and customer service, they were very nice and friendly to me. My personal favorite was the scrub and facial. Five stars for the service!
Ms. Evana Manandhar
Ms. Evana Manandhar Miss Nepal World 2015
Tranquility Spa, and Entire Team, Amazing service and loved your hospitality. We will come again…!!! Thank You!
Ms. Niti Shah
Ms. Niti Shah Miss International Nepal 2017
Loved the Spa. So relaxing My Best Wishes.